Top 5 Premium Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Top 5 Premium Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Fax cover sheet is a sheet that is sent by the sender through the Fax machine. It is a transmission of the printable material to the receiver that is done through the telephone. Here, in this article, We will discuss all types of the Fax cover sheet. But before we discuss Fax Cover sheet let’s talk about Fax history also. As Fax sheet are used since ages after the era of Telephonic discovery. Since then, fax cover sheets are used to send and receive all the important information. Earlier, it was only used for the official purpose and for sending legal notices. Fax cover sheet is basically used to send important information. Approximately 17 million faxes are used every year in the world. Let’s explore more things regarding Fax cover sheet.

Things that a Fax Cover Sheet should include :

There are certain things that one should remember while writing a fax cover sheet. These things are mentioned below

  1. Introduction – In order to make receiver aware of who has sent him/her the Fax, the sender needs to write the brief introduction. In that, he/she must include the name and contact number because only then the recipient can recognize you. There might be chances he/she may ignore the fax otherwise.
  2. Details of the Document – When the introduction is done, the second most important thing you need to do is to provide details of the fax and documents. So that recipient can realize how important this fax is.
  3. Transmission Date- The last and the most important thing that a fax should contain is to write transmission date of Fax and number of pages along with fax. It helps both senders and receiver to know that they have got all the documents or not.

Fax cover sheets templates are used to see the proper layout of the fax cover sheet. Today, in this article we will share templates of fax cover sheet.  We at Premium Printable Template provides the best quality fax cover sheet templates. They are of very high quality are available at the very reasonable price that is just $1.  You can use these templates for various purposes. You can choose any of the templates according to your need. Here are the Top 5 Premium Fax Cover Sheet Templates;

Top 5 Premium Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Template – It is an attached document that is sent to your fax if you want to share important papers.

basic fax cover sheet

Features :

  1. Completely Editable format with word file.
  2. PDF downloadable file
  3. PNG image downloadable file.

You can change the tagline, logo and all the other things accordingly.

Cat Fax Cover Sheet Templates – This fax cover sheet has the mark of the Cat at the top.

cat fax cover sheet

Features :

  1. Editable.
  2. Available in PDF  file
  3. PNG image is also available

Outline Fax Cover Sheet Templates – This is the sheet most widely used a cover sheet for official purposes.

outline fax cover sheet


  1. You can edit it anytime you want with word file.
  2. Downloadable file in PDF and PNG format

Personal Fax Cover Sheet Templates – Fax cover sheets are used for many aspects of the personal information exchange between the sender and receiver.


Features :

  1. Can be Edited with word file.
  2. The PDF file that is downloadable
  3. PNG image

Pushpin Fax Cover Sheet Templates – This printable fax cover sheet has the mark of large pushpin on a sheet of paper.

Features :

  1. Completely in the Editable form.
  2. PDF downloadable file
  3. PNG image downloadable file.


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