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3+ Free Printable Letterhead Templates – PDF

Hello Guys! Today we will discuss letterhead templates and its importance with some samples with printable pdf templates.

Letterhead is as much important as your business have professional look important. Letterhead defines that your business has legal and professional services or you can say you have a business that is professional and provides services that are legally valid with the help of letterheads.

It helps you to build your business branding and its visibility. Also designing a letterhead by yourself is much difficult, it takes a lot of time and effort to do so. Downloading our premium letterhead templates will save your time and you will get a very high-quality letterhead template that is very low cost.

How to Create a Letterhead?

At the top portion of a letter paper those labels, texts, and graphic elements found are directly referred to as a letterhead. The letterhead usually includes company logo, name, and address with phone numbers and email id. Letterheads servers as promotional material for your business. It is very useful for your company’s branding as well.

Here we have provided some steps which can help you in creating an effective letterhead:

  1. Draw an Outline
  2. Choose a Program
  3. Select the Right Colors and Fonts
  4. Type in the Details
  5. Add a Logo
  6. Save

What is the Purpose of a Letterhead?

It helps in communication with your recipients with the most essential details for your business. It is a pre-designed structure with all required details to visit anyone to your business and can contact you anytime.

What is the Format of a Letterhead?

In the letterhead template, there is a heading at the top of a sheet and a bottom line. The title must have the logo and name of the company and also you can add a corporate design or background pattern. At the bottom line, there must company’s address and contact details are included, etc.

What is a Company Letterhead Mean?

It directly refers to a customized document of any company which is used for different business purposes. It not only just for communication for the message of the letter but also about your business to reach out more.

Below are some samples and free letterhead templates with PDF:

Company Letterhead Template

Here in the company letterhead, you can use it with the company logo and address with contact details in the header and company website in the footer for your company communication. Also, you can get premium templates from here.

Company Letterhead Template


Personal Letterhead Template

This template can be used for personal purposes and also if you want to use it with a pre-formatted header with designed then you can download it and also if you want premium letterhead templates then you can also get it from the below button.

Personal Letterhead Template


Corporate Letterhead Format

Corporate letterhead template can be used for corporate purposes and this may help you to build great corporate business relations from your clients.

Corporate Letterhead


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